Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Question: Can these be safely used on herbs growing in pots indoors?

Answer: Yes they are safe to use in all plants and herbs. You stick them into the soil and the sticky part doesn't touch the plant, and even if it does the adhesive is non toxic.

Question: I just released ladybugs in my garden. I want to use the stickies to catch more gnats. Will the ladybugs get trapped on the stickies?

Answer: These are really sticky and I think the ladybugs will be attracted to it and caught on the trap. Everything from lint, dirt, and hair will be stuck on these. Super effective with catching the adult fungus gnats!


Question: Will these work on flies?

Answer: Yes.. they are quite sticky and really works on every type of insects that come into contact with them.


Question: Are these sticky on both sides? Thanks. :)

Answer: Yes. You peel paper from each side to reveal the sticky substance.


Question: What are the ingredients in the glue? It says non toxic but what are the actual ingredients?

Answer: No ingredient it's just sticky glue


Question: How can I use these not in potted plants but around the house

Answer: I guess punch a hole in one and hang it? They work well around plants as they are attracted to smell

Answer: Just stick it in some lemon or get a cup u don’t use put a lemon on the bottom and flower in the middle and you will catch them like it’s nothing